Easily categorize your twitter bookmarks to be read later.

Say Bye to not been able to find your bookmarks. Now you can save, categorize and even search for tweets you bookmarked from your account.
Getting Started

How it Works

Mention the bot

Simply mention the bot on any tweet you want to add to your bookmark by using the keyword
@mybookmarkspace bookmark category
bookmark is a compulsory keyword while mentioning the bot, category is the name to which you want to save the bookmark. Eg, Tech, Programming etc

Sign in to mybookmarkspace

Once the bot is mentioned, a path to that tweet is saved to your mybookmarks.space account by default.
You can access all your tweets by Category by login in to your dashboard. Tweets without Category are saved a untitled unmastered

Enjoy Sanityyy!

Now you can easily trace back bookmarks without having to scroll. Alsooooo, you also get the ability to search for tweets using Category/Author of that tweet.
Dope Right?

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